Tuesday, November 16, 2010

it is me..

this is me,

this is the way i want to be.

there's nothing else i can say.

i appreciate every little thing that you do.

i never regret to know you,

maybe times will change everything.

i can't be someone who calm everyone's heart.

i am not perfect but i learn .

i never take any serious what you have been,

because i know, you have a second chance .

day and night,

will proves everything.

before i sleep, i pray.

i pray that there's no other place i can stay,


i pray, when i wake up i breath free .

i wonder why a good people get a bad punishment,

while , a bad will get a good.

and why and why.

i am a person ; straight and moron.

maybe, i might not be that pretty but i'm happy.

i am not a girl who can enjoy her life day and night.

i'm not rich , i don't have a big house with a big family,

a big car and a big purse with a millions of money.

i am not, but i'm happy .

i only have a warm heart and a smile that can share to everyone .

this words only a warm heart will know .


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