Monday, December 31, 2012

the big day..


was my big day..
the convocation..
praise to Allah S.W.T..
dgn izinNya..
i've finished my Diplomas In Nursing...

hasil titik peluh aku selama 4tahun setengah akhirnya berbaloi..
all my family was gather together..
including him..
at first..
i dun aspect that ibu will gave permission on him to came on the day..
i was bit shock bile ibu sndri bg idea soh tumpang nama org lain if he wanna get in too..
tp...xpe la..he refused to get in..
he was accompanied with my along n angah..
im glad n happy that all my family mmbers ok with him..

Sunday, December 30, 2012

jus u and mie..

today is 31122012..

100days away been in love with him..
hurm..kinda lots of change happened actually..
n there is hard things to do so..

this last few days seem hard for me..
i don't know y..
being away about six days n just being connected by bbm..
make me felt like i'm just his fren..
i do notice he was very bz..but y did my heart felt like this way..
after six day..there the only day that im free..n he was on offday..
i finished my shift at 2pm..awaiting for him till 4pm..
my heart keep pumping faster...
but yet once i meet him..
i felt like im just his fren..
there lots of curious in my mind actually..
i do have lots of question for him to answer..
but then..once i got knew i do not hang out only with him..
so i do prefered to keep it shut..
n when we otw to send me home..
i do want to asked him...but still i cant continue it..
coz it the only precious time that i do have with him..
it jus only 2 of us..even it about only 10minute..

i wish i could heard his word..
regard marriage..n bla2..
but then..none..
is it only me whom felt it?


it almost 2months plus aku da start keje..
n pling best will be..the GAJI!!

da 2kali aku dapat gaji..
aku dimurahkan rezeki..
gaji pertama aku diuruskan dengn sebaik mungkin...
gaji kedua aku pulak..banyak dihabiskan tok my family..
mudah mudahan..hasil titti peluh aku di berkati..