Sunday, December 30, 2012

jus u and mie..

today is 31122012..

100days away been in love with him..
hurm..kinda lots of change happened actually..
n there is hard things to do so..

this last few days seem hard for me..
i don't know y..
being away about six days n just being connected by bbm..
make me felt like i'm just his fren..
i do notice he was very bz..but y did my heart felt like this way..
after six day..there the only day that im free..n he was on offday..
i finished my shift at 2pm..awaiting for him till 4pm..
my heart keep pumping faster...
but yet once i meet him..
i felt like im just his fren..
there lots of curious in my mind actually..
i do have lots of question for him to answer..
but then..once i got knew i do not hang out only with him..
so i do prefered to keep it shut..
n when we otw to send me home..
i do want to asked him...but still i cant continue it..
coz it the only precious time that i do have with him..
it jus only 2 of us..even it about only 10minute..

i wish i could heard his word..
regard marriage..n bla2..
but then..none..
is it only me whom felt it?

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