Tuesday, April 12, 2011

hurting me

its hurting me once i love you
but what is the way
for me to forget you?

days by days..
i kept praying to forget u..
i kept praying that i may forget u if u didnt meant for me..
but you always in my mind?
how could that be?
who ar you actually?
why i've like this since i let you go..
n since u find me again..??????

its the time

the time u ask me to walk away..
then i will walk away..
without turning back..

you such nuthing..
you just being fool to me..

im wondering who are you..
did i know you?
why its to hard for me to let you go..
why its to hard for me to forget you..

i knew im hurting myself
by keeping u as my goodies

its you..
its you..
its you that hurts me!
so now its the time..
its the time for me to learnt
its the time for me to leave you
its the time for me to walked away from you without turn around..