Saturday, March 2, 2013


its about 5days more to reach out a month..
kinda miss having a boyfriend whom always seek for time 4 me..
enough emi..
u dont have the time nymore..
u r working..
n same goes to him..
u shouldn't ask for his time..

u too bz lately...
kdg2 nk mntk tlg amik blik kje or anta g kje pon rse cam...
kne fkir byk kli...
boleh ke???
xssahkan ke??

i noted that u have own daily target..
sumting too reached on..
to earn more money or enough money before flying to the Makkah..

ok noted..
do understnad his condition emi..
he couldn't have enough time for himself..
u cant jus keep waiting for him too be with u all the time...

i cant stop wondering either he being like this latey due of he already get use of it 4 almost past 7years or....
mybe i should get use on it too..
ok noted..
will try too get use..

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