Friday, January 4, 2013

3rd january 2013

after 11days..
its time for us..
jus two of us..
kinda felt like our first date..

time passing so fast..
from almost 10pm..
was like too short for us..
mybe the how we both act makes we felt it..

i being to silent..
i dont know y.
and same goes to him..
i was wondering where is the mistakes..
i can count how jokes that make us laugh together..

i felt weird..
all usual things tht he always does wach time we hang out..
he doesnt do it at all..

n the time come..
on  the middle of the nite..
he told me sumthing
n i already got the hint before he spoke..

seyesly i cried on the nyte once i read his bbm..
he ask me to do istikarah..
n tears run fast.!
the nite seems to long for me..
i was keep thinking about it..

ya Allah ya Tuhanku..
Kau permudahkan lah segala urusan kami..
Kau panjangkan lah jodoh antara kami ini...


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