Saturday, October 15, 2011

15 octber 2011

diam x diam..
da sethun upenye..
hal tu jadik..
aku ingt lagi..
mlm tu..
aku da tdo..
tbe2..die msg aku..
die kate..
'ckup smpai sni je..die xready g nk keep move on..'
hurm..dri aku ngh ngntuk..troz celik mata aku..
tp sesungguhnye..
aku redha je la ngn ape die kte tu..
sbb aku da gtaw kt fb yng aku accept je pape die nk..
walaupun bnda tu hurt aku sgt.

a month after the date...
i knew sumthing..
thnx to ur fren coz telling me..
xpe la..
4 that moment..
i jus can said.
its ok dear..go on..i prayed for u..

but then..
once u when for the trip...
sum1 get to knew me cause of u..
i knew sumthing..

we have not talking and contacting each other for a month..
its quiet long time i think..

21 december 2010..
u texting me..
n said u realized bout wat did happen between u and her..
and we started t be fren n good fren n close fren back again..

n now..
15 october 2011..
its seems like nuthing happend..
but not for me..
be4 the clock turn to 12midnight 15 octber 2011..
my mind recalling everything that happened ar the same date but in year 2010..
hopefully no more that kind of problem happend again after this..

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