Saturday, May 7, 2011

plik je

smlam aku grak g ipoh..
i was texting with him whole journey..
n today..
i didnt ave any msg from him..
till i text him..
but then..
he was late rplied..
n seems blur..
im wondering wat did he do..

when i was on my way back to kl...
i suddenly took my phone n read all the inbox..
i suddenly recall..
wat happend to us on last tuesday early mornink..
we has been throu very good day togther..
hang shopping..
but then..on the nite..
i suddenly had big curiosity im my mind..
im wondering if wat did i read was rite?
then i strictly ask him..

im sowi if i might make u sad coz wat did i ask..
i dun mean it..
i need to knew to clear my mind..
hope it doesnt affect nything..
n hurm..
im sowi to say..
i knew u mybe trase by my words..
but u do doing the same..
u also make me trse...
when u equate me with no***..
did i look same 4 u?

xpe la..
i xamik ati pon..
u might b to stressfull..
its okay..
now everything was cleared...
thnx 4 ur explaination..
im really glad to knew it..
thnx again..

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