Thursday, March 17, 2011

my bad day.. was very bad day for me..
argue with te staff..
misunderstood wit my own fren..
im stuck!!!
since yesterday..i felt like fuck off!!
lots of things appen around me..

few my fren jus came back from work..
i felt sumting unconfortable suddnly..
n yet..
one of them also felt the same thing..
its quit ard to make people understnd wht did we had giving hint actually..
but then..when we need to be strictly mke her understnd..
they will misunderstood..
i got my own reason y did i shout out it like that ok!!!
im not like suke2 jus shout like tht...
i knew its very annoying and irritating..
im sorry ok..
i dont meant it..
watever it is..
i didnt mad..n for me ..i didnt take this as sensitive issue which i need to take care while i was saying bout it..
it nutiing ok..

could for plis understood me 4 moments..
n try to understnd the reason y i shout it like that???????????

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