Monday, August 30, 2010

kenape saya suke awak..

y did i like u?'
actually..i dunno y i like u..
mybe it cos of u already be my good fren 4 almost 3years..
n u knew almst evrything bout me.
eventhou u been bz..but u still have time 4 me when i need it..
i admit tht i like u since tuition..but then u said u got ur gurl..
so i keep it silent..
i remmber when u ask 4 couple twice in ym..but i refuse it coz i have eddy on tht tyme..
and 4 the second tyme i jus break of wth him..
i also rmmber the nite that u sound mukhlis..
i really appreciacte tht..
thnx u so much..

n now im with u..
sorry if u seems i looks like didnt understnd ur bz time..
i dun mean to disturb u..
mybe i need som1 to talk with..
nway..thnx 4 being a good listener n good accompany of me to cry with..
thnx 4 stand with my attitude n understand me..

hope it gonna be long relationship..
hurm..i already answer mine..
next is ur turn..

thnx n sorry 4 everything selame i've been with u..
i admit..i jeles tgk pix u ngn dak nr shah alam tu..

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